Love- A Free Verse

Sugary madness, a lovely
The dawn was beautiful,
You held me all night.
My blank mind races through darkness and glee
But you keep me as the mended promise
I broke on last November night.
Your honest disposition, 
Your soul is entwined with mine.
You left a couple of places 
Before you walked miles.
With me.



P. S. I know, I know.. it ended abruptly and lacks a proper structure. Huh, it was a draft which got published.. umm.. Well because I just wanted to. I have to rework on this. I will present the complete poem before you very soon.

Much love!!


The Ring- A Senryu

Oh, my God! Am I back to the place where I belong to? Again?
Phew! Howdy, fellas!

*Pretending as if nothing has happened, as if I never left my blog, as if I never stranded it*

Guess what, someone has just crawled back to your lives, straight out of the coffin (of poetries? )!
My comebacks are weird, no? Huh.. You are survivors; still reading me?
(Somebody please teach me to be more humane)
So, I’m back again, for the millionth time! Okay, that’s it!
Now, I shall do what I do the best! Chaotic is a writer losing her mojo; surreal is getting it back. (Fuck! That’s my sister Hurain’s Effect, I swear)

Whatsoever, life dragged me back to what I do the best – POETRIES! (UPPER CASES, REALLY?) And, along with that comes the Victorian era images, oh and the dark poetries and my writer friends and proses and ramblings (I have some spicy ones this time Lol) and a whole lot of weird and beautiful things!

I am yet to read my favourite writers, I have a lot to catch up! Bear with me on that, will you? (Again, Hurain’s Effect) I have literally got my weekends off this time, okay?

For starters, I have written a Senryu! (Go easy, it’s been two long months without a drop of ink, ‘kay?)

Mauve sheets painted blue-
Burning the vows to death, red-
The ring, cathartic!

(More coming soon! Like really soon!)

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.

Nobel 2018

Knitted wishes fall into places,
One by One;
Who knows the sky better
Than a freed bird!

The melody you hear
At the top of her voice
Counts sapphires in the crown,
Broken down into a million pieces,
Shining like Venus
And, prayers to the Divine.

Far, far away
They flew her to an unknown space
Devoid of glitzy sand
And her echoing name.
There were many sold
To humanity, to morality –
Naked knitted wishes
In bloodied-ice bodies.

The dust of the pain
And her red hands
Hold whatever is left
To be taken.

Months have gone!
One memory, one story
Hidden in the ruins
Of ghostly humanity
Of ghostly morality
Is breathing fiery ashes
And, the Universe now knows.

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.

Quotes Tag

Here’s Ridhima putting up her fantastic quotes and doing the Quotes Tag by Universe Fireflie! Needless to say, the chosen quotes are as beautiful as her poems! Make sure y’all check her blog out for brilliant poems and proses!

Rythemic Vocables

One of the most adorable bloggers The Cereus Florus has nominated me for the Quotes Tag. Do check out her wonderful write ups if you haven’t.

The rules are simple. The nominee can put up quotes from novels, poetries, songs, etc. which have inspired him/her in some way or the other, at some point of his/her life or career, or both. The nominee would be given the discretion to do whatsoever they want to do in the post; he/she can structure the post in his/her own way. The only rule is to put up your favourite quotes and nominate others for the tag!

Emily Weiss

“Empowerment is the buzzword in industry. But I don’t like that word. People are already powerful. All we need to do is help them unlock their power.”

Muniba Mazari

“Be kind to yourself. Only then you can be kind to others. If someone’s absence makes you…

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My Poem on Spillwords.com

So, here’s a good news! I am going to end this month of September with a poem on Spillwords.com!

My Poem Home Down The Hills got published today (09/26/2018) on Spillwords.com and below is a link which, when clicked, will take you to the poem where you can read and rate it.

Home Down The Hills on Spillwords.com

I have used my real name out there so do not suspect any fallacy! 😁

I really want all of those who’re reading this to jump into it. This whole exercise was a lot of fun to me and I hope, you’d say the same after visiting the link.

Also, I’d like to thank my sister Hurain, who encouraged me to send my poem to the Spillwords.com team! You’re the best!😘

I am putting up the poem here as well for your convenience. Hope you’ll think about rating it by visiting the above link.

Home Down The Hills

As summer breeze, I whirl and twirl
O’er hills, basking in the dawn’s aroma;
Reapers carry their sickles, little curled
I, behind, tailing them, lass and grandma.

Down the hills, I swoon over sweet grass
Verdant lush valley, dew drops I adore;
They move swiftly, swift as ballet chasse
I, behind, tailing mother nature, the amor.

Along the brink, I flow along pearly brook
Babbling, rushing through reapers’ valley;
Pitchers filled, the journey again unhook
I, behind, tailing blue lad, my ally holy.

In the golden farmland, I caress the grains
In joyful amity, I rejoice and ramble again;
Binding them, they sing along a melody
I, sing along, waving to reapers’ rhapsody.

•• Aa’eedah.

Cereus Florus. 2018.

Siblings of the Show

Curly hair, pretty fair
He stands tall at 5’9”
Diamond face, totally dear
He smiles with his brown eyes.
Little arrogant, pretends not to care
But deep inside, he loves with all he has.
He is a glitterbomb
Of happiness and silver cheer.

Before I turned two, he arrived
Unwelcomed to a wicked sister.
He placed his breakfast plate
Joining her, she beat him, in despair.
One of us went to school,
The other sat back at home, with books.
What we shared then is total bliss.
He is a glitterbomb
of happiness I miss.

Soon, we talked and walked
To stationery shops, to parks
And to school hand-in-hand,
The only fifteen minutes we didn’t screw.
And one day, when he got lost
The search was on with
His sister leading a revolt
Only to find him sleeping
Under our own bed!
He is a glitterbomb
Of happiness and pure red.

We had our own share of battles
That baffled us at times
But, oh, we overcame all with time.
Maybe, Power Rangers and Pokémon
Or Beyblade and the Cowardly Dog
Made us a team and strong.
The fight over TV remote
Still goes on but the larger piece
Of pizza he owns.
He is a glitterbomb
Of happiness that we all adore.

Our caterpillar has graduated
Into a beast-butterfly
With a soft heart and strong self-esteem.
He holds his sister’s legacy :
After she dies, the baton will hold him.
He is worthy of everything
But only after me,
He is a glitterbomb
Of happiness, sunshine and glee.

Though growing up was a mess
With you on my side
Yet you seem to be the ray
Of hope and sunshine
In a life so worldly dark.
We might be oceans away
But our wishes would sail and fly
Packed in memories of one of a kind.
You are a glitterbomb
Of happiness, making us shine bright.

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.


Panache, golden, shimmering body
With paparazi tailing her everywhere ;
You steered thy mistress,
Thy paramour
To your magnificent mansion
To enormous chandeliers.

Your envious contemporaries,
Her ravenous lovers ;
1914 was the year
Of some tell tales and vague rumours.

You rode her on ancient thoughts
Via modern lust roads
Throughout Rome
From Piazza Navona
To Castle Sant’ Angelo.

Years went,
And so did your lustrous fascination.
Abandoned her soul,
Jilted her body wheel,
Once imprinted by yours.

Once chained with bondage shackles,
She lies here amid weeds,
Corpses and lust cadavers.
You left her
But even her remains know,
You’d boasted all your life,

“I owned that priceless Maserati Car,
Worth a King’s Ransom! “

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.


Widespread land,
Red romance,
A living hell it was.
Allie stood still,
Refused to reconcile,
Stood again there
For a little while.
The conquest was complete
With beats of her heart
Pondering, in zig – zags.
Crystal her heart had become,
To be conquered by none.

Ignorance seeps in and out of dark souls, unfavoured by time, luck and resurrection. Joe was irresistible, so was Taylor. Wonderous, gloomy ; pure, dark. Two threads intertwined into each other, hanging from the ceiling, from Allie’s verbally abused throat; stood still, standstill, testimony it was!

Allie, her verses fell from arms of ignorance, failed to enamour Joe. A fruit had ripened in a soul, in the heart of a devil, a nightmare; a dark soul. A cactus pedigree she held, melancholia had made her irresistible, too. Allie, too, was irresistible.

Graves sit on blackened soil, humiliated by formless entities, all night long. Taylor’s nails wore an evening’s peaceful sunset, orange-calmness. Calm, cold and loved- dead. Joe, too, was there, leaving (in peace) his existence, all of it, to his mistress- some say Taylor, some know it was Allie- The Dark Soul.

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.