Love- A Free Verse

Sugary madness, a lovely
The dawn was beautiful,
You held me all night.
My blank mind races through darkness and glee
But you keep me as the mended promise
I broke on last November night.
Your honest disposition, 
Your soul is entwined with mine.
You left a couple of places 
Before you walked miles.
With me.



P. S. I know, I know.. it ended abruptly and lacks a proper structure. Huh, it was a draft which got published.. umm.. Well because I just wanted to. I have to rework on this. I will present the complete poem before you very soon.

Much love!!



Why did you leave us, Father?
She stranded me-
Left me to be devoured-
To be broken, to be dead.

Where were you then, Father?

You held my hand, Father-
Taught me to be humane,
To love, to embrace our race.
I always obeyed you.
You left us.
What wronged us, Father?

Where are my Journals, Father?
Brother told me about the Fire;
She says, “it was the storm”.
The ashes burnt my fingers, Father.
Their words ripped me apart.
Won’t you come back?

The Pine Trees smell of blood, Father.
The red snow sings lullabies –
They have put me to sleep, Father.
Where are you, my Father?
They freed me, let me go
Of Numbness for an entire eternity.
Won’t you come back, Father?


© Cereus Florus. 2019.

Few of them Dance

Beneath our void,
flows a calm river,
pearls of existence on which
whirl and twirl.
Silence eloquently flows along
with pebbles singing lullabies
of harmonies in rhythm.
The brook, beneath the void,
flows along cherry-red trees,
along lime grasses, lilac seeds
beneath the heavenly sky,
beyond our broken hearts’ reach.
Brook gushes through our veins,
blooming flowers rejoice
in yellow, tangerine hues;
few of them dance too
beneath the heavenly sky,
beyond our broke souls’ reach.


© Cereus Florus. 2019.

Ramblings – 4

You see, consistency, discipline and perseverance are not my cup of tea! Oh, how much my thoughts wanted to erupt from my mind onto your sheets- mauve sheets – but My mind is a wanderer; lost.

I feel restless today. The thought of “competition is an illusion” cannot sync with the beats of my otherwise capitalist heart. Enthralling is the fact that I believe in endorsing the very evil!

I am numb today. I am a reckless wave of broke emotions ; fluttering – in and around, with a smile and a dagger – a tragedy – fluttering like a soulless bird, a bird without wings – her magical wings.

I am a mess tonight. Inability has infected me – has grown like a disease on my dull skin. Crumbled under the feet of my people’s perceptions, I look for an escape tonight…

Hurain astonishes me. I am thrilled by her – thoughts, POV, struggle, opinions – she has made me FREE – spellbound, I sit! She is not a rose, you know. She is a world in herself, a tree, maybe – who struggles to fit in an “another world” – our world. I, me, myself, Hurain – she is a part of my existence.

Unorganized – disfigured – drunk – mess – numb – restless – humane – I am myself tonight.

I cannot wait to hold you again. My ink yearns for you.

P. S. I have gone to extreme this time lol. Bear with me please.

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2019.

Putting Pieces from His Perspective

Faded hues of pale nerves
Tricked your eyes,
Mistaken for a ricocheting emotion-
Now devouring your heart, playfully.

Embroidered on your parched skin,
She sew her petrichor on yours.
Beats trapped inside the ribcage,
Swollen, bruised, abused – dead –
Yearning to breakthrough –
Have fallen on their knees.

Afresh beginnings, unreal, bloom into –
What do they call it? – Love? –
Grow on you as surrealism –

(to be continued…)


© Cereus Florus. 2019.


“That’s an industry of sluts!”

Encounters! What do we know about Encounters? And, possibly which Encounters am I talking about? Encounters! Of all the people I have met, I haven’t found a single person meeting with whom I won’t call an encounter. Some of them bloomed into a beautiful friendship, some were just short-lived fuckwads while some of them were like A Curse.

You may not want to screenshot this and send it to your master who influences your thought process (maybe because you are just a m***********) ! You may not want to f*** your mind, I meant!

Do you remember all those High School rumours doing rounds during Recess every other day? Do you remember all those f*** boys who tried to pull your reputation down and who tried to rip you off your self confidence? Some tried to oversmart you, some tried to make sure your life was a hell, some tried to bring you f****** negativity while some tried to keep you inside your shell! Well, I remember it, don’t we all? But, I guess it’s over, isn’t it? Do we feel like that now or have we just grown up? We try to hide between them. We try to mask ourselves so that they never know, in some way or another. Adulthood is really not cool either, is it? My teenager friends will know that the person who bullies you in the school is still going to bully you when you turn into an adult. Nothing changes, I swear! It becomes a habit to harass and, to be harassed.

You don’t trust me! Well, you will( even if you don’t trust me now, you still somewhere know it will happen) know that it will still be the same equation!

You are still bullied or maybe, you are still a bully. It is nothing that can save you from it. You have to face it, no matter what you do! You will have to face it unless you turn into a f****** adult who knows how to deal with this shit! But, how many of us really do that? Does our society teach this? I don’t think so!

The guy who objectifies you will still objectify you unless you turn around and make someone harass his sister. The girl who mocks you for your looks will still mock you unless you disfigure her face. The bastard who doubts your performance, your grades, your ability to outperform him, your ability to piss him off with whatever pisses him off, will continue to do so unless you change your seat, you delete his number, you throw him out of your life because he is just a useless piece of shit and will always remain so. You can never succeed in life with such people around because they are failures and to be successful, you have to do damage to them but if you are civilized enough, you will just move away from their existence because somewhere you have your humanity, unlike them, who fake to be helping, who shows the world that they are helping but they are just dickheads.

What they do not know is that things do hurt and they do fuck up our sparks. But, people like us know our ways, right? We just move away. And, you motherfucking dickheads, you will fail in your endeavors all your life! Ouch! And then, there’s Karma! Fucking ouch!

The opening sentence was a reaction to some.. Umm.. Well, I don’t remember it but I felt good after shouting those phrases loudly in a metro full of humans. We both felt humane.

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.


The last fall shone as glittering gems, illuminating broke hopes.

She, stranded, swung between two souls-the one who pierced his existence into hers won the battle, eventually. And, she threw herself in the middle of a City-road- the hustle-bustle cannot deafen her anymore. Bloodied hands wiped her tears again; she rustled as an Autumn leaf- dried yellow. He mapped her olive skin, grown red marks along her cold arms – the Lacuna was frozen.

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.

The Ring- A Senryu

Oh, my God! Am I back to the place where I belong to? Again?
Phew! Howdy, fellas!

*Pretending as if nothing has happened, as if I never left my blog, as if I never stranded it*

Guess what, someone has just crawled back to your lives, straight out of the coffin (of poetries? )!
My comebacks are weird, no? Huh.. You are survivors; still reading me?
(Somebody please teach me to be more humane)
So, I’m back again, for the millionth time! Okay, that’s it!
Now, I shall do what I do the best! Chaotic is a writer losing her mojo; surreal is getting it back. (Fuck! That’s my sister Hurain’s Effect, I swear)

Whatsoever, life dragged me back to what I do the best – POETRIES! (UPPER CASES, REALLY?) And, along with that comes the Victorian era images, oh and the dark poetries and my writer friends and proses and ramblings (I have some spicy ones this time Lol) and a whole lot of weird and beautiful things!

I am yet to read my favourite writers, I have a lot to catch up! Bear with me on that, will you? (Again, Hurain’s Effect) I have literally got my weekends off this time, okay?

For starters, I have written a Senryu! (Go easy, it’s been two long months without a drop of ink, ‘kay?)

Mauve sheets painted blue-
Burning the vows to death, red-
The ring, cathartic!

(More coming soon! Like really soon!)

°° Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.