The Last Fall

Sudden sunbeams pierce words as solid bars of silver.

“The fall had begun. Twilight and you, and a long-lost essence, swathed around my ring finger;
And a white dress.”

You and I, are pearls of love
Locked inside an oyster,together
Our blossoming breaths go unheard,
Soaked into mauve walls.

You and I, are rise and fall
Light and dusk woven together
Our scarlet rays pierce the dawn
Planting kisses of lavender, onto each other.

You and I, are droplets of roses
Tangled in green sheets, together
Our feet on bed of panache mosses
Our lilac aroma shoots up to esthers.

“Bedside vigil, silent weep, beads in black and a spectrum of serenity within insanity. All lost together;
the last fall.”

•• Cereus

© Cereus Florus. 2018.


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