Scarlet – A ballad

Last summer, eyes met beneath the sky of chandeliers
Scarlet ball gowns, royal lights, I see you there.
We were young, yet believed we’d sail through it
For nothing lasts forever, we knew they’d be coming.

Amidst glorious rivalry, moon and Scarlet romance
We bid each other adieu, you told, “The war has begun.”
Left, dense smog of summer rumours holding our hands
For they’d set ablaze scribbles, we knew they’d be coming.

Left, faith trembles upon the foundation of wonderings
Told, “Scarlet blood voyages ended, his comrades returned.”
For once, ours dream in my head was fading, remembered
“Blues would never be darkened”, for I knew you would be coming.

Last summer I kept wishing, wondering if you were coming
Small town now dazzles with our rings, I see you there.
Vows are to be exchanged, Scarlet letters are to be read
For they now believe in us, we’d sail through it, down the aisle.

•• Cereus

© Cereus Florus. 2018.


46 thoughts on “Scarlet – A ballad

      1. i need to work harder as well. But usully i think the biggest thing with ur poems is the fact that i find them difficult to understand. but that might as well just be me. otherwise i think u would write great poems. and I am not kidding with that

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    1. Your site is not opening, I tried to open it by tapping on your likes’ notification . Please look at this I think there is a problem. I guess.
      Nevertheless eid mubarak and to you Cereus.

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