My Muse

Okay, so a few minutes ago, I was telling one of my friends (Hey, Hurain!) how writing dark (and love) poetries has become a routine for me and therefore, there’s an urgent need to explore other dimensions of writing to save my blog (and my life) from becoming a monotonous space.

But here I am! Presenting before you a beautiful ‘LOVE’ poem “My Muse” written by someone very close to my heart (I don’t wish to reveal his name.). This is his first step into the world of poetry and novice poets are the most creative ones, in my humble opinion (I don’t feel the need to justify this, at least. Also, I proudly belong to this category but creativity is still to be found here, I guess. LOL). So, this post is to appreciate his efforts and to support his budding poetry.

My Muse

There was this girl
who used to write sentimental poetry.
I was amazed by her virtues,
how wholesome she seemed.
I contacted,
not entirely sure.
But surely enough, she replied, almost instantly,
quite cheerfully,
just like a pixie out of a lore.

Little did I know what we had in store.

We hit it off,
everything was so nice and ashore.
But surely enough,
we began to have our differences,
the ignorance,
the pities,
the self doubts.

But despite everything, she came back home.

To me,

where her heart really lied.
I too,
sensing something within,
finally gathered up the courage,
and asked her out.

She said yes.
Oh those were some of the most wonderful days of my life
out and out.

Yet again though,
the distance caught up with us,
both physically and metaphorically,
I could feel her getting distant,
away and aloof.

Despite everything,
she maintained contact,
keeping the promises she made,
truly an angel true to her word.

And so we begin again, for the next leg.

I’m filled with intrepid optimism,
and despite everything,
I only have to say this
She will always be the lady in my life.

β€’β€’ By someone who keeps Cereus going (Yeah, I know it’s a bit cheesy but that’s how it is. Also, I strongly disapprove of lovey-dovey romance, LOL.)

Hopefully, my next post would be serving something different from my regular ones. πŸ™‚


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