“We’ll continue from Angular Speed.”
As soon as my teacher concluded his lecture on Coriolis force and called it a day, my soul began to breathe again. Not as if I hate Geography or dislike him, but just that the temperature of the classroom was freezing my cells, quite literally and, I was ‘patiently’ waiting to see its end (the lecture’s!). With a strength of more than four hundred students, the classroom was bound to take away my senses with its cool,soothing and romantic temperature (Oh God, I am really bad at this!) and the incharges have sworn (a long ago) to never, ever regulate it (Damn it!). No, they’re not to blame (in case, you were thinking so). Maybe, I am too fragile and faint-hearted to handle this romantic, misty coolness of my classroom. Haha.
But there’s another theory to it as well which states that the common cold is too common here with one out of every ten students coughing, sneezing and writing posts like this all the time, like seriously all the fucking time (only the sneezing and coughing part).
The worst of all is the temperature outside the classroom (107.6 degrees fahrenheit) and this third theory smoothly brings me to the conclusion. A mismatch in temperatures (inside and outside my holy classroom) is the sole reason behind influenza virus hitting me time and again! Goddammit.

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2 thoughts on “Ramblings-1

  1. Yes tumne photo sahi choose Kia. Adrak, nimbu kali mirch mila ke garma garam chai piyo teen char baar. Ek dam phit.
    Really like the humour in it. A wonderful read. Well done.

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