A message

I’ve been thinking over this for a long time now.
Writing has always been a very private thing to me. Be it dark emotions or mere imaginative creations, I’ve always found myself to be peculiarly attached to what I emote through words and phrases. It has become a part of my routine expressions.
I’ve been around on WordPress before and, that too with my real identity (I wonder why I mentioned that).

This is just to inform you all that I’ve decided to write under a new pen name. Many a time, familiar faces have derailed my thoughts by questioning my ethics, mercilessly. The mere fact that my writing doesn’t govern the way I think, breathe and live is absolutely unacceptable to some. Moreover, the name ‘Cereus’ has apparently failed to conceal my identity from these unwanted readers. Nothing serious though!
So, I’d be writing under my new pen name “Aa’eedah” from now on. I apologise for the chaos.

Thank you.

โ€ขโ€ข Aa’eedah


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