Vintage memories –
A blend of sour truths
And your lies –
Spy on cages Aaliyah
Has kept her heart
Locked in.
Heard, the voice of sanity
Dastardly tears you apart;
A circle of life.
Aaliyah waits for you,
Counts days for you;
Won’t you give her a
Chance of life?
Poor Aaliyah and her
Little romance.

Aaliyah often rambles
with her mother;
All her dreams in her eyes,
All untold poetries
in her burning gullet.
Oh, heavens!
Aaliyah is a revelation
Who would win knighthood!
She’s not in confidence
Of her own father.
Aaliyah gives way to blues,
succumbs to utter despair.
Poor Aaliyah and her
Defeated dreams.

It’s Summer solstice of 1919,
Aaliyah is born; a victory
Gone unsung,
Her mother says.
Some are grieved,
Some are celebrating.
Aaliyah runs across
The mansion’s colossal arena,
The daughter of merchant
Unbriefed about the
Imminent happenings.
The truth unfolds,
Of patriarchism, her diminution.
Poor Aaliyah and her
Unfateful destiny.

Aaliyah is reviving her
Consciousness; on the edge
Of love-lost and dreams-tossed.
Aaliyah refuses to endure
Your canons.
But you sha’n’t be hurt, either!
Aaliyah is resuscitating.
Quietly. Valiantly.

•• Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.


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