A Walk

I can picture us walking
Holding each other’s hand
On the beach somewhere
With our toes in the sand;
Hugging the ocean currents
Caressing the warm land
Savouring old memories
Some gone, some still coming.

We have been through a lot
Cherish these moments
Some still to be sought
Let’s keep each other together
Closer and pretend knowing aught;
We’ve come a long way
Our hearts still to be caught
Some saw, some still searching.

Do you hear the sound?
The rustling leaves’ lullaby
Our beating hearts still to be found
Look at the enchanting green
I’ve never seen you before, downed;
I can hear your eyes speaking
And your steps coming around
Some know, some still wondering.

As long as we go hand-in-hand
As long as we remember
As long as we search together
In burning lamps, igniting us
In cold weather
In lost conscience, searching us
In each other
I know you’ll be mine.
I know you’ll be mine.

•• Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.


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