Unknown island


Illumine the stars

I no longer used the night lamp,

I had learned to find myself in the darkness,

as I let the tranquility of the thriving starlight that dwelled in my soul to wrap me like a warm blanket,

creating the roof of a starry moonlit sky that I could call mine above me.
My heartbeat spoke of ecstasy and calmness,
giving me the strength to lift my feet off the ground,
breaking through the skies as my silhouette made a mark against the full moon,
I flew off to an Island surrounded by dreams and miracles at the horizon,

an island unknown to the world but home to me,

where the stars were my reflection, the moon was my desire, the flowing waves were my guide and the horizon,
The horizon was my destination.




P.S.: this is one of my personal favorite of the poems that I have…

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