I just found a true poet on WordPress!


Scotland, transcends beauty ‘am content,  Yonder lofty mountains, a kingdom found,A princess of undaunted beauty, crowned,But there lurks peril for the suitor,In wedlock of the emperors daughter, For men who travel from distant continents. The queen’s castle is so adorable,Distinctly, everything is made of gold, Entry gates stood, forty feet twofold! Tapestries are woven in gold thread, Guards in golden armour, softly tread,The grandeur is gasping and unparalleled! Prospective suitors, have to pass tests, Knowledge, intelligence, bravery, under stress!Be judged, by crooked wizard priestess,Her scrawny hands, long curly nails,Holding a staff, with toothless smile,Emperor himself abides, by her behest! Uncanny wizard wears an ivy flower, The stem bleeds blood, when plucked,Petals quiver, tongue darting, she sucked,Her green sunken eyes gleam Like emeralds, while she screams;Bathes blood in her shower! Two identical ivy beans be…

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