Rave Circus

Flickering lights, Cheval Blanc wine.
Lovers kissing each other-
A dagger slitting through the chest
Hanging between love and lust,
Lust and love.

Tired bodies, resting on silhouettes-
High on substance abuse-
drowning in euphoria and illusions,
Illusions and chaotic resurrection.

Revamped personae, ulterior motives
Spinning together in the blackout-
Touch of a bastard, glimpses of a
Fucked-up past and swollen chest,
Swollen chest and scenic make-outs.

Spineless men, hollow preachings.
Lose your consciousness,lose it all-
Bodies hotter than the sun,
Dapper and salubrious,
Salubrious and tantalizing.

Heavenly criticisms, sadistic critics-
Bloodiest masks shadow naive irises
Lamenting and burning,
Our rugged-robust dreams dying.

I stand alone, watching the circus.
Go round and round, clockwise-
Nib profusely abuses the innocent sheets:
Not again, bitch, not again a confusing poetry!

•• Aa’eedah

© Cereus Florus. 2018.


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